Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

(12 customer reviews)


Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer


The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is the most convenient and smallest vaporizer available in the market today. It can heat up in less than five seconds which makes it perfect for those who like to vape-on-the-go.

(12 customer reviews)


The Magic Flight Launch Box is the perfect addition to your collection of vaporizers. It is very small and discreet, yet convenient and fast. You can easily hold it in your hand or keep it inside your pocket. It has attractive looks and ergonomic design. The vaporizer is powered by rechargeable batteries and has the capacity to heat up in less than five seconds. It is indeed one of the fastest devices available in the market today. If you love to vaporize on the go, all you need is this device with a battery. It has an intuitive design and is very easy to use. All you need to do is insert the battery until you see vapor and you can start inhaling. It is known for excellent performance at an affordable rate. You will find value for money with this device. It heats up fast and even cools down in no time. The vaporizer never gets very hot to hold or to put inside your pocket. It is easy to reload. The device has a lifetime warranty and is made out of renewable wood. There are no plugs or cords in the device which make it easy for you to carry. If you are a beginner and want to enjoy a unique vaping experience, this is the only device you need to invest in. There are multiple designs and finishes available in the market. Although the device is small in size, it performs exceptionally well and as good as any other device in the market.

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer Features

  • Multiple Designs & Finishes
  • Simple to Use
  • Unique & Artistic Aesthetics
  • Portable – No Cords or Plugs
  • Small and Discreet (2.5” x 1.25” x 0.9”)
  • Fast Heat-Up Time
  • Powered by NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
  • Lifetime Warranty

What’s in the box

  • Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer
  • Protective Battery Caps
  • Battery Charger
  • 2 Rechargeable Magic Flight Batteries
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Carrying Tin
  • Glass Draw Stem

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer Warranty Details

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer has a lifetime warranty.

How To Use The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

In order to use the Magic Flight Launch Box, you need to grind the material finely. It will help achieve even vaporization. Ensure that the herbs are dry as well. You now need to fill the trench up to the inner side rails. Do not underfill or overfill the trench and avoid packing the material with your fingers. Allow the herbs to sit loosely in the trench. You now need to close the lid. Ensure that it locks into place so as to prevent the vapor from escaping. The key to effective vaporization is to close the lid in the right manner. Squeeze your hand in order to engage the battery and hold it for about five seconds until you notice the vapor forming. If you notice light, it means vaporization is in process. You can inhale slowly without releasing the battery. The device is very easy to clean and maintain and the batteries can be conveniently charged as and when the need arises.

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer Specifications

Size (length x width x height)

6.4 x 1.9 x 4.5 cm

Vaporizer Weight

181 g

Power Source


Heating Element

Stainless Steel Rod Heating Element

Vapor Delivery Method



Lifetime Warranty

12 reviews for Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

  1. Floyd

    I have three Magic Flight boxes. I keep different strains in each with a full trench. To get a fine grind, use an electric coffee grinder like Mr. Coffee. Five seconds or so will do it. Ten seconds and it will be like dust. As for batteries, try the Imedion brand rather than generic rechargeables. These are similar to what MF supplies and they last a long time. The Magic Flight Launch Box is a very good product.

  2. Sergio

    This is a product I have had in the past about two years ago so I knew what I was getting. I love the darker color. It is not the most complicated vape but it gets the job done. I use it every day and it never lets me down.

  3. Mike

    Magic Flight launch box is amazing vape, very stylish and easy to use. Small learning curve, vape is tasty and extremely easy to use. Be sure to use the compatible grinder and vape away.

  4. Clifton

    I have many desktop vaporizers and the magic flight is my first portable vaporizer. In addition to the obvious advantages they have over larger vaporizers, the portables are much simpler to use and heat up way faster. This feels great in my hand and is ready to vape in three seconds. Nice smooth vapor.

  5. Harold

    I’ve been using this vape since January and I love it. This thing is amazing. Best purchase I have ever made. Would recommend to anyone.

  6. Leonard

    Magic Flight works very fast and it is very easy to figure out how it works. I am new to the whole vaporizer scene. The vape is tasty and very easy to use. It was all that was needed.
    I recommend it.

  7. Patrick

    I love my magic box most because it grants me the freedom to openly walk around my town and enjoy the delicious herbs that I love it. it works well.
    I am very pleased with it.

  8. Mitchell

    For those people that want a good vaporizer in the first instance, they should go for the Magic flight launch box like me. I can honestly say that the kind of smoke emanating from this vaporizer is unseen in the many products that you can currently find in the market.

  9. Ross

    This comes with a lifetime guarantee which is the best about this one. I have this, another portable and a station one. I think every true vapor lover should have this. it’s a great little thing. Very easy to use and never no trouble with it.
    Highly recommend it!

  10. Alex

    Magic Flight is like the iphone of vapors. Works just as fine as others but the looks of this vape are just too good. Handcrafted, wooden and natural, smooth vapor and is the perfect vape for a new-age hippie like me who likes to keep it simple.

  11. Joshua

    I am in love with my Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer. This vaporizer is amazing. Easy to use and can be used almost everywhere. I can take this with me anywhere it is small and odor free. I am very pleased with it.

  12. Jim

    If your looking for a vaporizer, look no further. Magic flight is awesome vaporizer with all qualities. It’s ready to go in seconds and the batteries are good enough for use between two people. I already recommend it to my friends. Very pleased with this product.

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