Atmos Jump Vaporizer

(12 customer reviews)


Atmos Jump Vaporizer


The Atmos Jump Vaporizer is a blend between a vape pen and a portable vaporizer. It has the best characteristics of both. It is affordable, easy to use and highly durable with an elegant look.

(12 customer reviews)


Slim and sleek, the Atmos Jump Vaporizer has an anodized heating chamber without any exposed coils. It has a temperature setting which streamlines the process of vaporization. The vaporizer has an easy access mouthpiece and a micro USB charging port. It is a perfect example of affordability and functionality. One of the least expensive portable vaporizers in the market today, it functions as good as any other vaporizer. It is ideal for those who want to start with something that is easy to use and affordable. It has a single temperature setting which simplifies the entire process. Made from top quality material, the vaporizer is light in weight and highly durable.

Atmos Jump Vaporizer is compact enough to fit inside your pocket. It has a carbon diver construction which creates a very strong shell so that it is easier to handle when in use or when carrying around. It has only one temperature which means you do not have to struggle to get the right temperature setting. The portable device offers multiple uses before you need to charge the battery.

 The highly compact vaporizer has a long lasting battery and it has a five-year warranty on the battery. It is suitable for herbs and is extremely easy to start. It combines efficient heating with a powerful performance. Atmos Jump Vaporizer is a pen style vaporizer which is built to perform like a true portable. It will provide convection based heating with complete benefits of vaporizing. The plant material will not come in direct contact with the heating coil and this means you will only be inhaling pure vapor without any smoke or harmful byproducts caused by conduction. It meets the essential requirements for stealthiness and portability. It is a preferred choice for beginners and many experienced vapers who are looking for a portable device to add to their collection.

Atmos Jump Vaporizer Features

  • Durable & Compact
  • Easy Access Mouthpiece
  • Carbon Fiber Housing
  • Powerful 1200mAh Battery
  • Heats Evenly & Efficiently
  • Single Optimized Heat Setting
  • Anodized Heating Chamber

What’s in the box

  • 1 x 1200mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 1 x Cleaning Tool
  • 1 x Easy Access Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Micro-USB Charger
  • 1 x Packing Tool
  • 1 x User Manual

Atmos Jump Vaporizer Warranty

Atmos Jump Vaporizer has a five-year warranty only on the battery.

How To Use Atmos Jump Vaporizer

In order to use the vaporizer, you will have to fill the chamber up after you grind the herbs into a fine consistency. Once you fill up the chamber, turn on your device by pressing the power button down for three times in a row. You will notice that the indicator light will now go green in color which shows that the vaporizer is now heating up. You can start to inhale slowly. The vaporizer will shut off after about four minutes. If you want to reactivate the heating element, simply click the power button thrice very quickly. With a single button and single temperature, the vaporizer is one of the easiest to use in the market today.

Atmos Jump Vaporizer Specifications

Warranty Info

5 Year Warranty (Battery)


2 x 2 x 8 in


0.45 lbs

Vaporizer Type


Vaporizer Compatibility


Delivery Method

Direct Draw

Heat Source




Use while charging?


12 reviews for Atmos Jump Vaporizer

  1. Mathew

    I purchase Atmos jump few days ago and it works perfectly. It is very convenient and extremely easy to use. It’s vapor quality is decent. It is really hard to beat it in this price range.

  2. Jeff

    Atmos jump is true vaporizer for dry herb. It is concealable and effective. Very portable and fits nicely in hand. A bowl is sized for a single person. No complaints.

  3. Clyde

    Highly recommend the Atmos Jump. It has a chamber in which it cooks your herb and it doesn’t combust. Really easy to clean. Superb quality feels solid. It is really good for this price range. Chamber is enough for one person.

  4. Edwin

    I am in love with my atmos jump vaporizer. It is very cool looking device. Vape quality is great. For the size and price I would say its worth it if you are looking for something small and portable.

  5. Sam

    According to me no need to buy expensive products, Atmos jump have all the good qualities. It takes a small amount of material, which is good for a quick vape. You can get about 2 or 3 good puffs from it. Which is more than enough for one person.

  6. Daniel

    Atmos jump is not made for group sessions. But it is enough for single person. I would recommend for people looking for a small portable device they want to use when out and about in the world.

  7. Fred

    Great product, don’t have problem with it. I’m going to give it 5 stars because it’s probably one of the better smaller and cheaper vapes out there and you do get a good vaporizer for the price.

  8. Allan

    I would recommend this for any new vaporizer user like me. Really very easy to use. It is user-friendly vaporizer and fulfill my all needs and expectations.

  9. Ricardo

    Least expensive true vaporizer for dry herb I’ve found. Nice quality vaporizer. It worth for the price.

  10. Shane

    I received my atmos jump vaporizer and am very pleased with it. It is very nice and works very well than i expected. Glad to find VapeNitro!!
    Definitely continue to buy from this company!!!

  11. Paul

    First time vape user and very impressed. Simple and easy to use. This vaporizer has changed my life totally.

  12. Billy

    I got one for myself and use it everyday. It’s pretty discreet actually. It looks awesome. It has exceeded my expectations.

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