Boundless CFV Vaporizer

(12 customer reviews)


Boundless CFV Vaporizer


The Boundless CFV Vaporizer is a pure convection vaporizer with portability feature. The product heats up only during the inhalation for the pure flavor and best efficiency. With some great features, the Boundless CFV is a popular choice for the people.

(12 customer reviews)


The Boundless CFV is a great portable vaporizer that comes in a pocket-friendly form. The heating element of the CFV is completely separated from that of the chamber. This is done to maintain the untainted convection vapor and top quality flavor. There will be minimal or no waste at all due to this. The product takes a very less time to get heated up which is lesser than a minute. You can also control the range of temperature from 140 degree Fahrenheit to 445 degree Fahrenheit. The clean and vivid display screen can provide you with clear display of information such as the current temperature as well the battery life remaining. The air-path of the Boundless CFV is completely isolated from that of the electronics parts in the vaporizer. Thus, it ensures you get the maximum flavor when you vape. The best part is that this CFV comes with modular loading chamber which can be easily customizable for you. You can choose whether you want glass, wood or steel chamber walls according to your preferences. It is designed to provide the maximum purity when you use it at the best price. The battery life can last for 30 to 40 minutes but it can be recharged immediately with the micro-USB. This vaporizer provides great quality vaping experience with the 100% flavor in each draw. With the fast convection heating element, you will be able to enjoy the optimum amount of flavor whenever you inhale it.

Boundless CFV Vaporizer Features

  • 100% convection heating

  • Air-path is fully isolated

  • Wide range of temperature from 140 to 446F

  • Very clear digital display

  • Simple and hassle-free digital control

  • Takes 30 seconds to heat up

  • Auto-sleep after just 4 minutes

  • Power efficient

  • Customizable option for chamber

What’s Included in the Box?

Besides the Boundless CFV for sale in the box, you will also get:

  • USB charging cable

  • Replacement O-ring

  • A cleaning brush

  • Tool for chamber removal

  • 5 replacement screens

  • Loading tool

  • Switchable chamber rings

  • A user manual

  • The warranty card

Boundless CFV Vaporizer Warranty

When you buy the Boundless CFV, it comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. It covers manufacturing defects and workmanship. The battery is not included in the warranty but the battery comes with a separate 1-year warranty. So, in case of any defects and manufacturing faults, you will get a replacement for it.

How To Use Boundless CFV Vaporizer?

The Boundless CFV Vaporizer is very easy to use. It is fully controlled digitally. You can switch on the vaporizer by just pressing the button. It will be ready to vape within 30 seconds. The heating material takes very less time to get heated. You can press the up button to increase the temperature and press the down button for decreasing the temperature. Everything is digitally controlled and you can see the changes in the temperature easily through the display screen.

Boundless CFV Vaporizer Specifications

12 reviews for Boundless CFV Vaporizer

  1. Max

    I am very big fan of boundless CFV vaporizer. I really appreciate how it doesn’t smell too much. That’s why i can use it in public place also. The only disadvantage is that charge doesn’t last too long, but other than that it works great.
    I recommend it!

  2. George

    It worked exactly as advertised. Charge up perfectly and heats up fast. Great flavors and aromatics. Great portable convection Vaporizer A++ love the CFV!

  3. Aaron

    Boundless CFV very easy to use, and comfortable to hold. It works great. I really like it.

  4. Don

    Much batter than other vaporizers in this price range. The unit is pretty solid and easy to handle. After the initial burn off, the vapor is really clean.
    I recommend it to my friends!

  5. Ricky

    Fantastic vape. The buying process is very easy and efficient, and I have no complaints about the vape. 100% convection oven, portable, full temperature control, and clouds definitely appear if you take long enough hits. I’m doing vape at 190 degree Celsius and I have very visible clouds.

  6. Thomas

    The 100% Convection and excellent smoothness, efficiency and taste makes it my favorite portable vaporizer. I recommend the water adapter, it’s even more free flowing, heavy hitting and condensed. Its the best quality vapor from a session portable , best overall with the water adapter.

  7. Kelly

    I stopped smoking after I started using this vape. I recommend it to anyone who wants a greats start into the vape world.

  8. Wayne

    Boundless CFV is fantastic vape. Quick heating, mouthpiece doesn’t get to hot and the draw is smooth. Recommend!!

  9. Nelson

    Boundless CFV is very solid and super easy to handle. Once activated, it heats up quickly, like 30 seconds. After the initial burn off, the vapor was really clean.

  10. Jesus

    I’m very happy with my boundless CFV, very easy to carry around, and very enjoyable experience all around. I recommend it to my friends and they also like it.

  11. Paul

    I love everything about the Vape, the taste, the model and the structure the only downwards I could say is the battery is really lacking the LED should be brighter and the draw should be a little easier I recommend this to everybody these are minor little issues for me.

  12. Clyde

    It produces very nice testy vapors. I totally satisfied with my boundless cfv. And am really pleased with it.

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