Volcano Digital Vaporizer

(15 customer reviews)


Volcano Digital Vaporizer


Volcano has come up with yet another beautifully crafted piece of desktop vaporizer. Simply, plug it into the power source, fill your herbs, and enjoy refreshing vapors of your spices, medical oils, and botanical herbs. Storz & Bickel America, Inc. has truly revolutionized the vaping industry since the beginning of the past decade. With their continuous efforts towards innovative technologies packed in an accessible module, they have truly established a distinctive brand.

(15 customer reviews)


The iconic metallic cone from Storz & Bickel is upgraded with an all-new digital console. Volcano Digit is technically the twin of the classic but provides with a lot more precision in terms of operation.

Convection Heating For uncompromised flavor, Volcano Digit is equipped with 100 Watt heater to propel just the fumes of volatile resins and oils in your botanical herbs and nothing else. The air passes from the heating chamber through the herbs and extracts the oils in your spices without making any contact of the strains with the heating element. The temperature ranges from 1040 F to 4460 F. Giving you enough control over the density of the vapors you wish to draw. Increase the temperature for a thicker vapor or vise-versa.

Patented Easy Valve Technology Forget the stress of losing on the vapors from your vapor balloon. The Volcano Digit comes with patented easy valve technology to prevent the vapors from escaping the vapor bag. Simply remove the balloon after filling the vapors and clip the mouthpiece on the balloon. The easy valve technology does not allow the vapors to escape unless or until mechanically pressed upon.

LED Control Screen Unlike the Volcano Classic, where the controller is a knob, you get a digital LCD displaying the temperature that the chamber is currently at in red and the temperature you set in green. With the help of the buttons on either side of the display, increase or decrease the temperature. Apart from just increasing or decreasing the temperature, it also provides you the option to choose out of two units for temperature- Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Precision for Customized Flavor There is no need to struggle with the temperature setting before every session. With the help of digital display and unitary control, you can customize the setting precisely for each session. Keep the taste of your vapors consistent for all your sessions. Or you can adjust the settings precisely to get the desired sternness or mildness in the taste.

Volcano Digital Vaporizer Features

  • Powerful 100 Watt Convection Heater
  • Zero Draw Resistance
  • LED Console for Temperature Control
  • Temperature Range: 400 C to 2300 C (1040 F to 4460 F)
  • Easy Valve Balloon
  • Automatic Shut-Down in 30 Minutes
  • Advanced Diaphragm Pump

What’s in the box

  • 1x Volcano Digit- Digital Vaporizer
  • 5x Easy Valve Replacement Balloons with Mouthpiece
  • 1x Herbal Grinder
  • 1x Air Filter Set
  • 1x Easy Valve Filling Chamber
  • 6x Easy Valve Screens
  • 3x Filling Chamber Clips
  • 1x Liquid Pad
  • 1x Cleaning Brush

Volcano Digital Vaporizer Warranty Details

3 Years Warranty for the heating element and electronic equipment

How To Use The Volcano Digital Vaporizer

Operating this digital vaporizer from Storz & Bickel is pretty simple.

  1.       Click the red button to activate the volcano.
  2.       Set the desired temperature using +/- buttons on the edge of the display.
  3.       Once the temperature reaches the desired value, install the filling chamber onto the mouth of the volcano.
  4.       Clip the easy valve replacement balloon to the filling chamber.
  5.       Press the green button for air to flow through the filling chamber.

Note: Make sure to press the air pump button just before the bag is about to be completely filled.

  1.       Remove the balloon from the filling chamber and install the mouthpiece to it.
  2.       Enjoy the refreshing rich taste of your herbal vapors.

Volcano Digital Vaporizer Specifications


7.9×7.1 (inches)


4.00 lbs

Vaporizer Type



Herbs, Wax

Filling Chamber

605 cm3

Delivery Method

Balloon Type


110 V

15 reviews for Volcano Digital Vaporizer

  1. Mary

    I bought this for my brother. He loves it. And now all his friends who have tried it are now going to get one. I also love it because it keeps our apartment from smelling.

  2. Tony

    Volcano Digital Vaporizer is the best vape I have ever used, It’s flavor and efficiency are unbelievable.

  3. Carl

    The Volcano is worth every penny. Easy to use, & cleanup make this vaporizer very enjoyable to use! Great Purchase!!!

  4. Dennis

    Been using it everyday since I got it and I’m in love with this desktop vaporizer. Very easy to use. It’s a bit of an investment but totally worth it. I recommend it for all vape lovers.

  5. Jimmy

    Volcano Digital Vaporizer is great vaporizer to invest in. Worth the money. The vape quality is also excellent. Feels like you’re breathing in air, and temperature is easy to control.

  6. Sean

    I have very great experience with this vaporizer. I think all people who vape should use this product!

  7. Bryan

    This is my second Volcano vaporizer. My first volcano ran for nearly ten years with constant use. So, I recommend it to all.

  8. Daryl

    This is the best vaporizer I have found, and I love it. There are counterfeit Volcanoes out there. Don’t go cheap on the deal. You will be glad that you purchased the real thing.

  9. Oscar

    Volcano Digital Vaporizer is excellent. I’ve owned dozens of vapes but the volcano is still the best. It is king of all the vapes. I recommend it to all who love the vape.

  10. Sam

    This is my first experience with this vaporizer i like this and i’m in love with this volcano. It has definitely opened my eyes to an awesome world of vaping! I would highly recommend.

  11. Don

    It’s built in a way that seems like it’ll last me a long while. I use volcano almost everyday and I love it. It gives great relaxation to me. Not much more to say.

  12. Raul

    Volcano digital vaporizer is the best vape on the market, it works like a charm. I highly recommend it.

  13. Leo

    I can’t find better vaporizer against this vaporizer. It is always best product for me. Great Vaporizer!!

  14. Jeff

    I am very happy with my purchase,worth every bit of money!!!

  15. Jack

    I am very impressed with the volcano. The classic style volcano is perfect, works great and is all that you need.Great vaporizer!!!

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