Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

(10 customer reviews)

$139.99 $119.99


Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

$139.99 $119.99


The Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer is one of the advanced desktop vaporizers with some versatile features. With the ceramic heating element, it can be controlled digitally to produce delicious and thick vapor.

(10 customer reviews)


Arizer is popularly known for producing some of the best top-quality vaporizers. The Arizer V-tower vaporizer offers superb build quality and best-in-class performance at a great price. The vaporizer comes with the top-quality ceramic heating element. The temperature can be adjusted between 50 degree Celsius and 260 degree Celsius i.e.122 degree Fahrenheit and 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes just one minute or even lesser to get heated up and you can control the temperature digitally through a user-friendly and hassle-free interface. The glass-on-glass whip and cyclone bowl connection of this desktop vaporizer helps to have a convenient hands-free vaping experience.

You can just relax, lean back and have a great vape time. This desktop vaporizer also comes with optional audio feedback with a sleep-timer to make it even more convenient and easy for you. The crystal clear and crisp LCD display with this vaporizer makes it easier for you to read the important information such as current temperature and battery life. It is highly durable and effective for a seamless vaping experience with a vertical design. The extra-long whip of this vaporizer is made up of medically graded material which is completely non-toxic in nature. The vaporizer is made up of the heat tested glass which helps you to get the highest amount of aroma.

Boundless Tera Vaporizer V3 Features

  • Comes with digital temperature control
  • Heats up quite fast within 1 minute
  • Features both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Hands-free glass-on-glass whip
  • Audio feedback and sleep timer
  • Adjustable temperature between 122 degrees Fahrenheit and 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Equipped with a ceramic heating element
  • Balance temperature with the draw speed
  • Durable and strong build

What’s Included in the Box?

Besides the Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer, the box contains:

  • The cyclone bowl
  • Screen pack
  • 3-foot long whip
  • Aromatherapy dish
  • A stirring tool
  • A user manual
  • Sample of aromatic botanicals
  • A screen pack

Boundless Tera Vaporizer V3 Warranty

The V-Tower vaporizer comes with the 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty from the time you buy it. So, any manufacturing or material defects or damages will be covered by the Arizer. Along with that, the vaporizer comes with a lifetime warranty on the heating element. The warranty doesn’t cover the damages caused due to tampering, dropping or authorized modification and misuses.

How To Use Boundless Tera Vaporizer V3?

The Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer is available for sale from any reliable online vaporizer retail store. Once you get the vaporizer, you can switch it on pressing the power button. The control panel is quite easy and you will find it quite user-friendly. It comes with three more buttons – a menu button and one up and one down button. The menu button helps you to select different settings and choose one that you like. With the up and down arrow buttons, you will be able to adjust the temperature efficiently. To increase the temperature press the Up arrow and decrease the temperature press the Down arrow. The LCD shows the temperature and other settings which makes it easier to read and control.

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer Specifications

10 reviews for Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

  1. Richard

    I have purchased Arizer V-tower few days ago, the learning curve was not as tough as i imagined. Really very easy to use and understand. Vape quality is excellent. If you’re looking for a low-price arizer stationary, you should definitely consider one of these.
    Thanks VapeNitro!

  2. Jeffery

    This vaporizer is amazing. High Quality product at the best cost. The Temperature control is outstanding letting you find a great taste. This Company is fantastic, got fast shipping and everything arrived in perfect shape.
    I would recommend it.

  3. Thomas

    Heats up very quickly, delivers great pulls when elbow packed. Really easy to clean. The unit is very light but feels solid.
    Very high quality product at the reasonable price.

  4. David

    The Arizer V-Tower works really well. Easy to set up and use. Stays clean even after multiple sessions. Also suitable for group sessions.
    I am really very pleased with it. Would recommend.

  5. John

    I love my V-Tower. The smell is flawless. This vaporizer does its work really well. So I can honestly recommend to any one thinking about getting just this one or any vaporizer for that matter.

  6. Greg

    First of all thanks for Vapenitro for having this beautiful device on the cheaper price range. First it shipped fast and I received it in a few days. I love how simple this product is to use. I immediately felt the effects with my herbs using this wonderful machine.
    I would definitely recommend it.

  7. Mark

    I really love this desktop vape. It’s a real value at this price range. It complements our Pax 3 very well. Still there is a bit of a learning curve to find the right temperature, grind and packing. I am totally satisfied by it. It is really very easy to use and is very comfortable for our group sessions, my friends also like it.

  8. Steven

    I recently purchased this unit and I’m very pleased with it. This was my first vaporizer so i wasn’t completely sure what to expect. It proved extremely easy to use and seems to be a very pleasant and effective. The unit heats very quickly. No complaints.

  9. Garry

    The V-Tower is pretty straightforward and easy to use, would recommend this to anyone new to vaporizing.

  10. Alvin

    This is very good vaporizer. I have been using this vaporizer since March without a problem. It works great. I have tried many other vapes and this one has the most accurate temperature control so far.
    Would recommend!

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