Vapir Prima Vaporizer

(10 customer reviews)

$199.99 $129.99


Vapir Prima Vaporizer

$199.99 $129.99


The Vapir Prima Vaporizer is a game-changing device and is one of the most trusted names in the industry. It is compatible with wax and herbs and has four optimized temperature settings.

(10 customer reviews)


Vapir Prima Vaporizer has an aluminum body with a comfortable design which makes it easy to hold in your hand or to keep inside your pocket. It has a stainless steel pathway which is located between the chamber and the mouthpiece which does a good job of cooling down the vapor every time you vape. There are four temperature settings ranging from 350 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit which ensures a combustion-free experience. Made of a premium glass bubbler which elevates your vaporizing experience, the Vapir Prima vaporizer is an ideal device for vaping-on-the-go. Simply attach the bubbler to the mouthpiece and you are ready to go within a few seconds.

The vaporizer has a contemporary style which sets it apart from other portable vaporizers. It combines the sophisticated elegance and superior build to create one of the most durable and pleasing units ever. This device is an ideal combination of convection and conduction. It can produce an immense amount of vapor right from the first draw. Prima is a class of its own in terms of performance and it leaves all the other devices behind. The portable vaporizer has a powerful battery which is removable and can be charged through a USB. It lasts for over an hour of continuous use when it is fully charged. You can also keep backup batteries charged up and ready to go so that you are never without power. The device comes with a five-year warranty for its heating elements and a two-year warranty for the battery. If you are looking for an affordable and durable device for regular use, this is one you should not miss out on. It is a perfect addition to your collection.

Vapir Prima Vaporizer Features

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Removable Lithium-ion Battery
  • Brushed Aluminum Body
  • Supports Herbs & Extracts
  • Fast Heat-up Time
  • Modern, Sleek, and Stylish Design
  • 4 Optimized Temperature Settings
  • Unprecedented Vapor Flavor & Density
  • Removable Stainless Steel Vapor Channel

What’s in the box

  • 2 x Screens
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x Charging Base
  • 1 x Charging Cord
  • 2 x Wax Pads
  • 1 x Plug Brush
  • 1 x Filling Scoop
  • 1 x Cleaning Tool
  • 1 x Silicone Cap Sleeve

Product warranty details

Vapor Prima Vaporizer has a five-year warranty for heating elements and electronics and a two-year warranty for the battery.

How to use the product

You need to remove the front cap of the unit which will reveal the heating chamber. It can be used to vaporize wax as well as dry herbs. When you use herbs, you need to simply grind the material and then insert it into the chamber. When you vaporize wax, you need to insert one of the mesh pads inside the chamber and then place the concentrate on the pad. It is advisable to use mesh pads with waxes so as to keep the heating chamber free from any gunk build up. Once ready, you can choose from the four preset heating levels and set your preferred temperature.

Vapir Prima Vaporizer Specifications

Warranty Info

5 Year Warranty (Heating Element & Electronics), 2 Year Warranty (Battery)


2.5 x 5.75 x 6.25 in


1.15 lbs

Vaporizer Type


Vaporizer Compatibility

Herbs, Waxes

Delivery Method

Direct Draw

Heat Source




10 reviews for Vapir Prima Vaporizer

  1. Clifford

    Prima by vapir is an amazing vaporizer. It is built for long-lasting vaping sessions. This vaporizer is small enough to fit in your pocket yet sturdy and weighty. Very efficient and love the flavor.

  2. Danny

    Vapir Prima vaporizer is portable and powerful. Heats up in no time. The battery lasts long and recharges quickly. It is very easy to clean and maintain. Absolutely worth the expense.
    I totally satisfied with it, and recommend it to my friends!

  3. Craig

    Vapir prima is very compact, and beautifully designed vaporizer. it is very portable and well performing vaporizer. The bowl is a good in size and all the parts are of excellent quality. It completely worth the money.

  4. Stephen

    It is my first vape that’s why not much have to compare with it. I truly enjoy my parima. Good clouds if you desire. Works great on both waxes and dry herb. I really impress with it.

  5. Dave

    This vaporizer is fantastically versatile and portable. It has great features and quality. It completely worth the money. Definitely recommended.

  6. Larry

    Vapir prima is excellent vaporizer. Chamber size is great. Best flavor is produced. I really enjoy it. It worth every penny.

  7. Marc

    It is user friendly vaporizer. It performs very well. I absolutely love the parima. it is wonderful vaping product. Very pleased with it!

  8. Clarence

    Other than the power button being hard to push Prima provides ample amounts of vapor for a minimal amount of wax or flower and great taste. The optional Bubbler just makes a good thing better.

  9. Ruben

    Vapir parima’s design is sleek. Super easy to clean and load. The overall quality and construction is worth the price.

  10. Martin

    Prima is a fantastic vape that feels like it was built for the long haul. Taste is excellent, and the vapor can be thick and fragrant. I love the fact that every piece is replaceable and easy to clean.
    Really vapir did an excellent job!!

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