Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer

(10 customer reviews)


Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer


Linx has been known for its designs for the health-conscious. They claim their vaporizer equipment to be made of medical-grade materials. With all of their products made to give their consumers just the flavorful hits, they make sure that no paints, dyes, or any such toxic adulterants are used in the manufacturing of these health-centric pieces of equipment.

(10 customer reviews)


Sleek and discreet designing of Linx Hypnos Zero vaporizer is the best sought after product amongst the vaping enthusiasts who like their privacy. Thanks to the innovative design, this product leaves no traces of the contents and provides pure flavor to the user. Just about 10 cm long, this vape pen fits within your palm discreetly, allowing you to stay out-of-sight from those frowning eyes.

There are no fibers, plastics, or paints used in Linx Hypnos Zero vaporizer making it perfect for the health-conscious. It uses a ceramic plate and chamber, along with a glass mouthpiece to deliver toxin-free vapors. The powerful ceramic plate is capable of heating up instantly and evenly across the surface, allowing the contents to be heated up homogenously.

The unique design of the ceramic plate ensures that no contents are wasted. It effectively vaporizes all of your high-quality concentrates and waxes to leave behind little or zero waste. Moreover, there are no exposed coils in the system. This makes it safe and easy to fill in the contents and clean the equipment after use, and also improves the atomizers life.

With four temperature settings, you can easily toggle between high hits to dense clouds, to mild and slight rips. The medical-grade stainless steel construction and no use of any toxic materials in the vapor passage purifies your vaping experience. With every session, that you stay with this fabulous piece of art, you fall in love with its performance.

Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer Features

  • Ceramic Plate Atomizer
  • Four Temperature Settings
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • 510 Threaded Battery
  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel Shell
  • Modular Design
  • Complete With Carrying Case and Tool

What’s in the Box?

  • 1x Hypnos Zero Atomizer
  • 2x Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1x Filter Section
  • 1x Hypnos Zero Rechargeable Battery
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 1x Hypnos Zero Carrying Case
  • 1x Linx Tool

Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer Warranty Details

1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Please go through the warranty claim policy for more information.

How To Use The Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer?

To load your unit, unscrew the mouthpiece to expose the heating chamber. With the help of the wax tool, load a small scoop of your high-quality wax into the chamber, onto the ceramic coil. Replace the mouthpiece and set the unit to the desired temperature by toggling the button thrice in sequence. Temperatures are color-coded as blue, green, yellow, and red, from the lowest temperature setting to the highest. You are ready to start vaping. Draw pure vapors, totally free from toxins, from your pen while holding the button.

Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer Specifications


3x1x5 in


6.30 lbs

Vaporizer Type

Portable, Vape Pens

Vaporizer Compatibility

Wax, Concentrates


110 V

Battery Capacity

650 mAh


1-year Limited Warranty

10 reviews for Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer

  1. Eli

    I fall in love with its performance of vaporizer. It delivers me awesome vapor. Very small device, I can take it anywhere.

  2. Justin

    Its quality and portability makes it one of my go-to wax vapes. Great vaporizer that comes with an affordable price.

  3. Levi

    Very smart, sleek and discreet vape pen. Linx Hypnos Zero is a stylish and compact pen vape. Overall, a great on the go vaporizer.

  4. Thomas

    Nice device, I easily carry it in my shirt pocket or bag. Exemplary flavor quality. Looking cool.

  5. Lucy

    Linx Hypnos Zero is designed for maximum flavor enjoyment on-the-go. I always enjoy its great taste, ease to use. A great product with all features and no limitation.

  6. Jasmine

    It exceeded my expectations, it gives me big clouds and maximum intensity. Health conscious device with an affordable price.
    Would definitely purchase again from this company.
    Thank you.

  7. Dominic

    Linx Hypnos Zero is one of the unique device in market due to its user friendly nature. It gives super smooth vapors and very big clouds. It really made me very happy.

  8. Bailey

    Linx hypons is really cool, little concentrate vaporizer pen. It provides incredible pure flavor all while using heathy materials. Really a great device. It works perfectly.
    Thank you VapeNitro!

  9. Lydia

    Hypons Zero produces noticeably smoother vapor than most other pen. It beats every pen in the market in this price range in terms of quality. It changed my life. I always recommend it to anyone. Really a great device.

  10. Violet

    Very easy to use. Portable device. There are lots of features that make this device user friendly. Recommend it to anyone.

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