KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer

(11 customer reviews)


KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer


The KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer is a powerful, compact and light-weight vaporizer which offers an exceptional vaping experience at an affordable rate. The vaporizer is temperature regulated and is only 4 inch in length.

(11 customer reviews)


The stylish and powerful KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer will give you convenience and an experience that is different from that of any other vaporizer available in the market today. This device is only 4 inches in length and is powerful yet pocket-friendly. It is feather-light and a technology which extracts flavored clouds from the favorite oils while ensuring high potency and smoothness. Equipped with a temperature controlled battery, the device has an air activated a heating system that does not need the power button for unique user experience. You simply need to inhale and the vape will do the rest. The vaporizer has an open pod system which can be filled with oil or eliquid of your choice. The vaporizer delivers a unique experience with innovative technology and has a lifetime warranty on its battery. 

The device has a pod system which means you can easily fill it up and it does not limit the vaping sessions to the eliquids that come with the product. Its pods have a leak-proof design and a heating coil which builds highly flavored clouds. These pods have a ceramic coil which is wrapped in Japanese cotton. It helps extract the best flavors with less combustion. The vaporizer has a long-lasting battery and a quick recharge time of thirty minutes. You can enjoy 50 draws with each charge. It has an open system and provides complete portability. The device is perfect for those who want complete freedom on their vaping sessions. You decide where and when you want to vape. 

Specially designed to provide additional portability, the KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer is light in weight and very compact in size. It can be carried in your pocket and in your hand which gives you freedom and convenience. It has a buttonless heating system which will give you rapid hits within no time. You do not have to use the controls or fiddle with the buttons in order to enjoy an amazing vapor. It is small, light in weight and versatile in every manner. The device has a lifetime warranty on the battery and is very easy to clean and maintain. 

KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer Features

  • Ceramic Coil with Japanese Cotton
  • Temperature Regulated
  • Compact 4-Inch Length
  • Refillable 1ML Pod
  • Air Activated
  • 8 Second Auto-Shutoff
  • Leak-Proof with No Spit-Back
  • Universal Micro-USB Charging
  • Developed and Designed in the USA
  • Handmade
  • Lifetime Warranty (Battery)

What’s in the box

  • 1 x Micro-USB Charger
  • 1 x KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer
  • 1 x Refillable 1ML Pod Cartridge

KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer Warranty Details

The KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer has a lifetime warranty on its battery. 

How To Use The KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer

The device is very easy to use. You need to remove the plug from the side of the pod and fill it with your preferred choice of oil or eliquid. You simply need to inhale from the device and it will give you flavorful and smooth vapor. It comes with an auto-shutoff feature which will turn off the unit in order to save battery when not in use. 

KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer Specifications

Warranty Info



1 x 2.75 x 5.5 in


0.19 lbs

Vaporizer Compatibility

E-Juice, Waxes



11 reviews for KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer

  1. Harry

    KandyPen RUBI is awesome vaporizer. I purchase it in pink color for my girlfriend. She loves the rubi vape. This is a very compact vape. Comfortably fits in your pocket and allows you to vape discreetly.

  2. Bobby

    This is a very great product, and very small to carry around in pocket, I vape honey oil with this and does the job really well. I would like to get another.

  3. Tony

    I am in love with mine RUBI. Everything is great in this vaporizer. Battery life is good, pods are really easy to fill, and I can use with my CBD oils. I am extremely satisfied by it.

  4. Jeff

    I use this rubi with my cbd oil. Convenient, discrete, good quality. I am totally satisfied by it.

  5. Randall

    Good product…. Super sleek, affordable and very easy to use. I vape honey oil with this and it does the job really well.

  6. Lewis

    Nice and slim and came in fast, Thank you both Kandypens and Vapenitro also am very pleased with my purchasing.
    I would highly recommend it.

  7. Vernon

    RUBI is very compact vape. Comfortably fits in my pocket and allows to vape discreetly. It works great for me. Very stealthy and flavor is great.

  8. Guy

    It charges very quickly and lasts a long time. Light weight and sleek. I always use it with my cbd oil. It does its job very well. I would recommend it to my friends…

  9. Kelly

    I chose this device for it’s portability and usefulness. Rubi is enjoyable and easy to use. Charges very quickly and lasts quite a long time. I am happy with this company.

  10. Felix

    I am new to vaping. RUBI is very easy to use. I use it only to vape concentrate. Which I like a lot more, no smell, no actual smoke in my lungs. It is really awesome. I would recommend it….

  11. Jimmie

    RUBI vape pen is awesome, EASY to refill and no leaking at all. It is really better than any other vape pens. I would like to get another. I have nothing bad about it, it really works great for me.

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