Goboof Alfa Vaporizer

(11 customer reviews)


Goboof Alfa Vaporizer


The Goboof Alfa vaporizer is a very simple and highly portable herbal vaporizer. It is compact in size and has an ergonomic design. It is highly durable and is very easy to use.

(11 customer reviews)


The Goboof Alfa is a vaporizer with an ergonomic design and sleek features. It has an intelligent function known as auto shut-off that helps conserve battery after fifteen minutes of your last puff. You can enjoy two hours of vape time after you fully charge the battery once. This device is easy to clean and is highly durable. It has a central pin which ensures quick heating of the dry herbs. The vaporizer has three different heat settings. It will take only 30 seconds for the device to heat up and you can set the preferred temperature through the rotary dial. It has an Automatic heat-by-puff setting where the herbs are heated after each puff. You can start with the LO setting and then the temperature will increase every three degrees after every puff until you reach the maximum setting.

The Goboof Alfa vaporizer is very easy to charge, clean and maintain. It will build up residue at the bottom and the path will eventually begin to accumulate some buildup. You can clean it after about 12-15 sessions. Another advantage of the device is that you can use it while charging also. There is no need to take a break in your session because the vaporizer has run out of battery. You can continue your session while it is being charged. The device has a warranty of two years on the heating element. It is available at an affordable rate and is an ideal addition to your collection. If this is your first vaporizer, you are going to absolutely love it. It is very easy to operate, has a dial control and different temperature settings. The low heat time and intelligent auto shut off helps save battery and will give you an uninterrupted vaping session with your friends. The light in weight device is made from top quality material and is highly durable. It can withstand wear and tear and will give you top quality clouds, flavor and vapor.

Goboof Alfa Vaporizer Features

  • Simple to Use Rotary Dial
  • Intelligent Auto-Shutoff
  • Sleek Compact Design
  • Smart Puff Technology
  • 30 Second Heat Up Time
  • Ability to Use During Charging

What’s in the box

  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 3 x Cleaning Picks
  • 3 x Pipe Cleaners
  • 1 x Charger
  • 3 x Screens

Goboof Alfa Vaporizer Warranty Details

Goboof Alfa vaporizer has a two-year warranty on electronics and heating element.

How To Use The Goboof Alfa Vaporizer

Goboof Alfa is very easy to use. In order to enjoy a unique experience, all you need to do is fill the heating chamber with herbs. Now use the control dial to set the temperature of your preference. It will take about 30 seconds for the device to heat up and you will see a flashing green light goes solid. This means you are ready to inhale. The device is very easy to clean and maintain. You can use it within half a minute and it will help save battery with an auto shut-off feature.

Goboof Alfa Vaporizer Specifications

Warranty Info

2 Year Warranty – (Heating Element & Electronics)


3 x 5 x 4 in


0.60 lbs

Vaporizer Type


Vaporizer Compatibility


Delivery Method

Direct Draw

Heat Source




11 reviews for Goboof Alfa Vaporizer

  1. Milton

    I love my new alfa vaporizer. It takes maximum 30 seconds to heat up. It is very easy to load. Strongly endorsed by me!

  2. Oscar

    Goboof alfa is very solid vape. Great quality. I am satisfied with this purchase.

  3. Russel

    I like this vaporizer very much. It is very portable, stealthy and elegant. Feels great in hand. Vapor quality is also awesome. Happy with this product!!

  4. Wesley

    I used it everyday, it works great. I love my alfa vaporizer very much.

  5. Santos

    On the weekend, i went to my friend’s house and i taste this vaporizer and i could say superb!! I just can’t wait till I get mine.

  6. Tomas

    This newly styled vaporizer is so clean and hits so smooth. It is simple and effective vape. Really very easy to clean and use.

  7. Connie

    I have using this from four months and it’s great. It is very easy to use and this is my best collection in all my vaporizers. I highly recommend it.

  8. Arlie

    Goboof alfa is very effective vaporizer.it is portable and very easy to use. No other vaporizers beats it in this price range.

  9. Berry

    I got my new vaporizer and am very satisfied by it. Battery life is good. it performs great and price is also awesome. I recommend it.

  10. Damon

    Goboof alfa have all the good qualities. it is designed in a way to make its use very easy.

  11. Cory

    A little harsh tasting but really does do the job. No other vaporizers beat it in this price range.

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