Yocan Loaded Vaporizer

(10 customer reviews)


Yocan Loaded Vaporizer


The Yocan Loaded vaporizer is a wax vaporizer aimed towards enhancing the wax vaping experience. With Yocan’s latest technology and design, the innovative Loaded Vaporizer gives you the ease to replace your coils with the help of a magnetic connection. Simply, pull the magnetic door, and you can replace the coil.

(10 customer reviews)


Featuring a cutting-edge design and advanced technology, Yocan Loaded Vaporizer is full of surprises. With a built-in 1400 mAh battery vaping your favorite concentrates and waxes become super flavorful and efficient. With easily replaceable coils, the magnetic connection makes it easy to remove and replace your coils. The shiny and chunky metal body is super elegant and sturdy.

Super-portable, versatile and durable, the Yocan Loaded vaporizer functions super smooth with any ingredient. The retractable mouthpiece keeps cleaning easy, while the secure magnetic door makes the coil accessible easily. Eliminating the need for external containers, the large content chamber can hold enough of your favorite oils and essential herbal extracts to let you vape all day long.

At just 4.8 inches tall, this stealthy vape pen can easily fit into your pocket. Facilitating you to carry it along with you wherever you go and enjoy a session vaping your quality juices. The unit comes in exciting and fun color schemes while maintaining the portability and discretion. Yes, Yocan hasn’t missed anything in this product.

Long gone are the days when you wished to customize your vape pen to produce more dense vapors. You can replace the coils to any form that fits. Compatible with quad coils, dual quartz coils an many more, you don’t have to worry about missing on the flavors. The Yocan Loaded Vaporizers comes standard with two distinct coils- the quartz dual coil and Quartz quad coil.

Yocan Loaded Vaporizer Features

  • Built-in 1400 mAh Battery
  • Unique Design
  • Magnetic Door To Loading Chamber
  • Replaceable Coils
  • Standard Inclusion- Dual Quartz Coil and Quad Quartz Coil
  • Built-in Wax Compartment
  • USB Charging
  • Extendable Mouthpiece
  • Four Vibrant Colors
  • Pass-Through Charging

What’s in the Box?

  • 1x Yocan Loaded Vaporizer
  • 1x Micro-USB Cable
  • 1x Quad Quartz Coil
  • 1x Dual Quartz Coil
  • 1x Yocan Tool
  • 1x User Manual

How To Use The Yocan Loaded Vaporizer?

Press the power button 5 times to turn on the battery. Load the contents into the chamber with the help of Yocan Tool. Press the button thrice to toggle between the temperature settings. Press and hold the button to heat the coils. Start drawing vapors while holding the button.

Yocan Loaded Vaporizer Specifications


4.8×0.86 in


0.60 lbs

Vaporizer Compatibility


Vaporizer Type



110 V

Battery Capacity

1400 mAh

10 reviews for Yocan Loaded Vaporizer

  1. Droe

    The Yocan Loaded Vaporizer is a unique wax concentrate vape pen. It is very helpful for me to concentrate. Compatibility with dual and quad quartz coil configuration.
    Recommend it to everyone.

  2. Jay-z

    Yocan is definitely no stranger to the vaporizer game, especially when it comes to vaping concentrates. It is very powerful device and it is super elegant. Great for dabs.

  3. Doli

    Great rips and holds nice amount of wax in the attachment. Really great wax pen.

  4. Kamon

    It is a unique wax pen in the market with an affordable price. I always used it with my favorite oil. Puffs like a blunt, and is rugged and trustworthy. I love this pen. Would definitely recommend. Thank you for the great vape pen.

  5. Hovie

    Yocan loaded is a beautiful device with long lasting battery. I don’t have to worry about missing on the flavors with my this vape pen. Great service and product.

  6. Lafe

    It comes with two distinct coils i.e. quartz dual coil and quartz quad coil. These premium coils are made for perfectly balancing flavor and power among-est wax concentrates. It is easy to use. Works very well. A great vape pen with a great price will be buying from here again

  7. Caroline

    Really great dab pen. Thick dense clouds without any alteration to the flavors, wick-less design is truly great.

  8. Neo

    Easy design for quick replacement and maintenance. Magnetic attachments are perfect for swift vaping sessions.

  9. Andy

    Easy, swift, and smooth operation. The silicone chamber is quite large and can hold dab for three to four vaping sessions of 15 mins each.

  10. Rosche

    Dual quartz coil is good but the quad coil is great. Although I feared that using more coils might burn away the contents, but it didn’t. Great flavor, delivered effortlessly.

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