Yocan Evolve Vaporizer

(9 customer reviews)


Yocan Evolve Vaporizer


Yocan, is a Chinese manufacturer, best known for their affordable and high-quality vaping products. The manufacturer has revolutionized the vaping products industry by its efficient designing that comes at a not-so-hefty price tag.

(9 customer reviews)


This comfortable and compact pen-style vaporizer offers you the best of both worlds- quality vaping experience, at an affordable price tag. Take this pocket vaporizer everywhere you go, every day, and enjoy the convenience of refreshing vaping sessions on the go. This small yet exquisite unit is fitted with a dual quartz coil for consistent vapor generation. The unit comes in five color options for enhanced aesthetics so you can flaunt your simple gadget without attracting frowned eyes.

Instead of the conventional ceramic heating element, “Evolve” comes with dual quartz coil that heats up rapidly and guarantees smooth and crystal clean vaping experience. The unit is packed with a powerful battery for longer vaping sessions. “Evolve” is the ideal choice for your concentrates’ vaping sessions, while you are on the go.

Yocan “Evolve” lets you enjoy dense clouds discreetly with its compact and pen-style design. The glass mouthpiece ensures that every session is enjoyed until the last drop of your concentrates without any burns. Its high-quality material ensures that your unit stays functional as long as you care for it.

The dual coil quartz atomizer features inert heating rods for slow yet consistent heating of the wax. This ensures that you get a smooth and neutral drags out of your vaporizer unit for enhanced flavor. Buy this high quality, pen-style vaporizer for an eye-catchy price tag, ideal for your anytime-anywhere vaping sessions.

Yocan Evolve Vaporizer Features

  • Dual Quartz Coil Heating Technology
  • Rapid Heat-Up
  • 650 mAh battery
  • USB Charging
  • Portable Design
  • Leak Proof Chamber
  • Short-Circuit Prevention for Enhanced Safety

What’s in The Box

  • 1x Yocan Evolve Battery
  • 1x Wax Tool
  • 2x Dual Quartz rod Atomizers
  • 1x USB Cable

Yocan Evolve Vaporizer Warranty Details

The “Evolve vaporizer comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

How To Use The  Yocan Evolve Vaporizer

Press the power button 5 times to power up the unit. Load the cartridge into the unit. Let the unit pre-heat for a few seconds. Place the mouthpiece between your lips. Gently press and hold the power button as you inhale the vapors from the Yocan “Evolve” Vaporizer. Clean the unit after your session is over to get a refreshing taste during your next session.


Yocan Evolve Vaporizer Specifications


1.00×3.5×5.5 in


0.30 lbs

Vaporizer Compatibility

Wax Only

Vaporizer Type

Portable, Pen-Style


110 V


1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

9 reviews for Yocan Evolve Vaporizer

  1. Chris

    Great pen, I really like this pen. I was looking for something pretty with a dry herb function that wasn’t expensive. Yocan Evolve is that vaporizer. Not only is it pretty but it hits great. It is very ideal for anytime-anywhere vaping sessions.

  2. Steve

    Yocan evolve works great for around the house. The battery lasts all day for me. Best vaporizer with affordable price and high-quality vaping products.
    Really pleased with my purchase. Would recommend!!

  3. Bill

    Yocan evolve lets you enjoy dense clouds discreetly with its compact and pen-style design. It is made up with high quality material. It’s incredible vaporizer. I share this vaporizer with my friends and they are also happy with this device.
    Would ready to buy it again…..

  4. Willie

    I have received my vaporizer few days ago, and am very pleased with it. it is really very easy to operate. It is made up of a high quality material. It’s design is portable and looks fabulous. Everything is great in this vaporizer.
    I already recommend it to my relatives.

  5. Charles

    You have no idea how amazing Yocan products are, its incredible. It’s high-quality material ensures that your unit stays functional as long as you care for it. Awesome Vaporizer.

  6. Thomas

    I have never regrets buying this vape pen. Buy this high quality, pen-style vaporizer, really ideal for your anytime-anywhere vaping sessions.
    Recommend it.

  7. Paul

    Yocan Evolve is really a great vape pen for money. This pen’s vapor tastes absolutely great. It heats up very quickly. No complaints…. Very pleased with it.

  8. Kevin

    Yocan evolve super simple to use. This is the best way to smoke herb. Zero regrets to purchase it. Zero regrets to purchase this vape pen.
    Happy customer..

  9. Tedd

    Great product, excellent customer service. Works well and is a quality vaporizer.

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