Vaporite Topaz Mini Vaporizer

(6 customer reviews)


Vaporite Topaz Mini Vaporizer


Vaporite is known to be one of the world’s oldest vaping brands.  This premium brand is known for its unmatched technical advancements and eye-catching, form specific designs. The manufacturer diligently tests each product to ensure that no compromise is made when it comes to the quality of the product.

(6 customer reviews)


Quick vaping sessions are loved by every vaping enthusiast. To fulfill the quick vaping needs Vaporite has come up with this innovative vape pen with minimal to no heat-up time requirement. Isn’t it amazing? You can enjoy a short vaping session quickly, avoiding the time-lag for anyone to notice you are vaping.

The powerful 1300 mAh battery boasts the heating coils to provide effortless vaping experience. The wickless design of the heating chamber makes sure that the flavors are enjoyed unadulterated. The package is concealed completely to prevent any spillage or leakage. Using no wick also means that the draw resistance is minimized. Thus, you get a free flow of the vapors of silky smooth clouds.

Vaporite’s Bluetooth technology is a benchmark in the industry. Connecting your vape pen with your Android or iPhone is super-easy. Check the performance of your vape pen, know the battery level, or even the temperature your vape pen is operating at. All of it in just one glance at your smartphone’s screen.

The mouthpiece is made out of metal, which helps cool down the vapors significantly. Also, the heating chamber is made out of glass to ensure that the flavors are not destroyed or altered. You enjoy powerful rips anywhere, rich in flavor and pure vapors, no smoke.

Vaporite Topaz Mini Vaporizer Features

  • 1300 mAh Battery
  • Wickless Design
  • Easy to Operate
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • E-Liquid or E-Juice Compatible
  • Glass heating Chamber
  • Metal Mouthpiece
  • Conduction/Convection Heating
  • Quick Heat-up Time
  • Variety of Colors

What’s in the Box?

  • 1x Vaporite Topaz Mini Vaporizer
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x Heating Chamber
  • 2x Replacement Heating Coils
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 1x User’s Manual

Vaporite Topaz Mini Vaporizer Warranty Details

The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Please go through the warranty claim manual for more information on warranty and how to claim.

How To Use The Vaporite Topaz Mini Vaporizer?

Turn the battery on by quickly pressing the power button five times. The LED lights on the battery will flash thrice to indicate that the battery is ready to be used. Load your material into the atomizer. Press the button and keep it holding to heat the coils. Inhale the vapors through the mouthpiece while still holding the button.

Vaporite Topaz Mini Vaporizer Specifications


1.75×3.25×6.5 in


0.40 lbs

Vaporizer Type


Vaporizer Compatibility



110 V

Battery Capacity

1300 mAh



6 reviews for Vaporite Topaz Mini Vaporizer

  1. Myrle

    Vaporite Topaz Mini Vaporizer is compatible with all types of e-liquid and e-juice. It heats up rapidly within seconds. I always enjoy powerful rips anywhere anytime. It changes my life totally.

  2. Selvon

    Its wick-less design of the heating chamber provides for the most efficient vaporization possible. I used it everyday from many months and I don’t have an issue with it. Great quality product with all features with pocket friendly budget.

  3. Velle

    Topaz min is portable device, and easy to operate. Very powerful battery. It produces a great flavor. I use it anywhere. Thank you for this beautiful vape pen.

  4. Zig

    This vaporizer is totally made for those who want no compromise when it comes to the quality of the product. Really worth the money. It is the special addition in my collection.

  5. Jackson

    smooth design. the rubberised texture is really good while the metal body is sturdy. great looks, high on performance.

  6. Tracie

    the heat-up is pretty quick. I almost started enjoying my session as soon as I turned it on. No more laggy operations for vaping sessions.

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