G Pen Nova Vaporizer

(5 customer reviews)


G Pen Nova Vaporizer


The G Pen Nova Vaporizer is a portable and compact vape which offers exceptional functionality. It is a sleek device that will give you ease and convenience of use anytime, anywhere.

(5 customer reviews)


The G Pen Nova vaporizer is compact in size but big in terms of functionality. It has a 510 threaded battery which makes it convenient for you to vape on-the-go. The sleek device will allow you to easily load the concentrate on the prefilled tank. There are three different voltage settings for you to choose from. The vaporizer has a mouthpiece made from silicone and a built-in loading tool made from ceramic which is ideal for packing. You can also charge the device while vaping. The device is all about style and high functionality. It is very compact in size which means you can enjoy vaping without drawing any attention. It is one of the sleekest new devices of the industry. 

The heat up time in this vaporizer is very low and the mouthpiece does not get hot during use. This ensures that the entire vaping experience is comfortable and smooth. You will not have to interrupt your sessions due to a hot mouthpiece or low battery because you can charge the battery while vaping. G Pen Nova has three voltage settings that you can choose as per your preference. The hits from the device are smooth and tasty irrespective of the setting you choose. The chamber is easy to clean and maintain and the device comes with a one year warranty. It has a high battery capacity and you can get a full day of vaping without any recharge. The full recharge of the battery will only take an hour. Additionally, you can charge as and when you use. The device is ideal for beginners who want to enjoy the best aroma and clouds. It is a good addition to your collection and is a very discreet vaporizer. You can easily carry it in your hand or your pocket without worrying about drawing any unwanted attention. 

G Pen Nova Vaporizer Features

  • 300mah Battery
  • Universal 510-Threading
  • Pass-Through Charging
  • Variable Voltage (3.2V, 3.5V, and 3.9V)
  • Dual Compatibility
  • Extended Draw Mode
  • Integrated Ceramic Loading Too

What’s in the box

  • 1 x G Pen Nova Battery
  • 1 x G Pen Nova Tank
  • 1 x Charging Cable

G Pen Nova Vaporizer Warranty Details

G Pen Nova Vaporizer has a one year warranty. 

How To Use The G Pen Nova Vaporizer

In order to use G Pen Nova vaporizer, you need to remove the mouthpiece and use the tool to dab the wax into the device’s chamber. If you are using concentrates, you will have to use the ceramic pick which is attached to the mouthpiece in order to put the material into the tank. Now replace the mouthpiece. In order to turn on the device, you need to press the power button five times. Now press the power button three times to select from one of the voltage settings. There are three voltage settings in the vaporizer. After the heating is complete, you are ready to inhale. The device is easy to clean and maintain and has a one year warranty. 

G Pen Nova Vaporizer Specifications

Warranty Info

1 Year Warranty


6.09 x 1.82 x 1.82 in


0.75 lbs

Vaporizer Compatibility




Thread Size


Use while charging?


5 reviews for G Pen Nova Vaporizer

  1. Elias

    G Pen Nova vaporizer is an all-new portable vaporizer that can use both concentrates and ground material. This is pocket-sized vaporizer perfect for those on-the-go moments. I always enjoy the best aroma and clouds.
    Highly recommend Grenco dry herb vaporizer.

  2. Roman

    Decent vape pen. Great vaporizer for dry herbs and oil. It does a good job. Battery life is strong. Pen has a fantastic design. Thank you guys!

  3. Katie

    Nova vaporizer is compact in size but big in terms of functionality. Hits smooth and pulls great.
    Already recommended it to my friends.

  4. Paul

    Exceeded my expectations. Being using my G pen nova heavily, it works perfectly. I love it.

  5. Seth

    This little guy works perfect, I have been using it with my dry flowers and it delivers up-to 3 puffs of intense experience. Really pleased with it.

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