Arizer Solo Vaporizer

(10 customer reviews)

$108.74 $101.49


Arizer Solo Vaporizer

$108.74 $101.49


The Arizer Solo Vaporizer is a device that stands above all others. It is one of the top-performing and most reliable portable vapes available in the market today. It is lightweight and compact with excellent performance.


(10 customer reviews)


The Arizer Solo Vaporizer features borosilicate glass, a long-lasting battery, and a strong heating element with the best vapor possible in the market today. The lightweight and a compact vaporizer can be used anywhere and it is small and compact enough to fit in your palm or your pocket. The battery provides you with more than three hours of constant use. It has an LED temperature control system which allows you to set the temperature as per your needs. It will reach the vaporizing temperature within two minutes only. Arizer Solo Vaporizer is highly efficient and effective in producing vapor as compared to any other vaporizers in the market. It has a convection heating style which is ideal for those looking to get the most out of their device at an affordable cost.

The device is made from top quality material and components in the market. It uses top quality glass for clean vapor production and allows you to get a real taste of the vapor which is created from the herbs. A lot of vaporizers have a very small herb chamber but Arizer Solo Vaporizer has an extra wide chamber which enhances the airflow and will give you a satisfying experience. The unit has a lifetime warranty which covers for any defects with regard to the heating element. In addition to the quality construction and heating element, the device has unique adaptability. It opens a new range of water cooling options for you. You can attach the Joint of the heating chamber of your device to a water cooling device through an adapter.

Arizer Solo Vaporizer Features

  • Protected by a Lifetime Warranty
  • Built Tough
  • High-Quality Glass Draw-Straw
  • LED Indicator Lights
  • Battery Lasts Over 3 Hours
  • Discreet Design
  • Powerful Li-ion Battery
  • An Array of Temperature Presets

What’s in the box

  • 1 x Charger
  • 2 x Straight & Curved Diffuser Stems
  • 1 x Aromatherapy Dish
  • 1 x Aroma-blend Sample

Arizer Solo Vaporizer Warranty Details

The Arizer Solo Vaporizer has a lifetime warranty for the heating element, a two-year warranty for electronics and a one-year warranty for the battery.

How to use the Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Charge the battery completely before your use. It might take up to four hours for the battery to be completely charged. After the unit is fully charged, you need to grind the material and put it in the chamber located at the base of the glass stem of your device. There are seven different heat settings and you need to select one from them. It will heat up in less than two minutes and you can choose the temperature settings anywhere between 122 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. You will see the light turning green, now hold the unit with the heating element faced down and then attach the unit to the base of the draw stem. You need to flip the whole unit upwards and wait for about ten seconds and then begin to inhale. It has an auto shut off feature which will kick in after 12 minutes. It will help preserve battery life.

Arizer Solo Vaporizer Specifications

Warranty Info

Lifetime Warranty – Heating Element
2 Year Warranty – Electronics
1 Year Warranty – Battery
Note: Glass Components are not covered under the warranty.


5.00 x 8.25 x 7.25 in


2.00 lbs

Vaporizer Type


Vaporizer Compatibility


Delivery Method

Direct Draw

Heat Source



Dual (110v + 220v)

Screen Size

1/2 Inch

10 reviews for Arizer Solo Vaporizer

  1. Larry

    I have been using the Arizer Solo vaporizer for a few years and am very satisfied with it. Excellent vape quality. I have no hesitation in recommending these, it works really well and has eliminated my ‘odor problems’ which is a major plus in apartment living environment.

  2. Bill

    From all the vaporizers Arizer solo is my favorite vaporizer. Clean hits, most use of small amount of material. Very easy to Clean. Charging is fast and and it idea sturdy and comfortable to hold. I am really pleased with my purchasing.

  3. Peter

    I love Arizer Solo I. It’s perfect to use, easy to clean, and amazingly enjoyable. I would recommend it to everyone!!

  4. Jorge

    Arizer solo is a great product. It built well and feels solid in hand. Vape quality was great and available wherever I needed it, with my use. Easy to use and overall rewarding experience.

  5. Jeffery

    I find this to be a great portable vaporizer. It works perfectly. Extremely happy with the purchase 5/5.

  6. Javier

    I have been using this vaporizer for a long time and i have no complaints about this product. I’ve recommended this one to several folks and a few did buy it and love it.

  7. Neil

    Arizer solo is a marvelous vaporizer indeed. Great vapor quality, excellent battery life, easy to clean, and to operate. I am totally satisfied and very pleased with it.

  8. Rene

    This vaporizer is absolutely amazing. I’m glad that I made this purchase. I had a Flowermate and was happy but the Solo produces much better flavor, is smoother and is much easier to clean. The only problem so far was getting the tube to fit into the unit, it took several tries to get it all the way in but now it goes in easily.
    I recommend it!

  9. Tracy

    First time user of a vaporizer and am really impressed. Sturdy, easy to use and maintain and very good results. The unit arrived within a couple of days. Thank you – I’m a very happy customer!

  10. Arthur

    I enjoy my Arizer every night, and so far this seems like a solid portable alternative. Extremely well built. I don’t think I’d suggest it for somebody new to vaping. I truly impressed with it.

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