The 10 Best Vape Pens for Wax & Oil Concentrates

The recent surge in the popularity of wax and oil concentrates has resulted in demand for compatible devices. Consequently, several renowned brands have come up with an impressive range of vape pens that deliver promising results with wax and concentrates. The best thing about vape pens is that they fit easily in pocket and give you all the discreetness you need. Plus, a good one probably has a long battery life and will not have to be charged time and again. 

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The choice of a product depends on factors such as ease of use, portability, potency, safety and cost. At the same time, you would want one that is perfect for your preferences and lifestyle. Here is a list of the best vape pens for wax and concentrates in the market, based on the aforementioned factors. You can check out the popular products and compare them to find the one that would be just right for you. 

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Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer

If you are a newbie with dabbing, the Aurora would be a perfect pick to get you started. Everything on the rig is magnetic, instead of the pieces being screwed together. The feature is certainly not something you will find in other vape pens. Switching between coils could would, thus, be just a matter of a few seconds. And you need not worry that the pieces would get detached because the magnet is strong enough to hold them together until you do them apart. The mouthpiece, which comes in rounded and fluted versions, is not magnetic but it is still easy to remove and interchange. The Aurora comes equipped with three different atomizers, all with quartz dishes. There is one with dual ceramic rods, another with dual quartz rods and the third one is a ceramic halo heater. All three work differently but their sole aim is to deliver awesome results. Dr Dabber’s principle of “less heat, more flavor” is replicated in all its products and this one is no exception. You will be impressed with the flavors and aromas it delivers, all because it goes low and slow. You need to draw long and fast if you want to experience smooth, flavorful and comfortable vapor with the Aurora. The battery of the device is variable voltage, with three heat levels. You can set a specific heat setting with each of the vaporizer, which you can gradually learn to do as you use the Aurora. The best part is that the Aurora Kit has a desk magnetic charger which gives you ultimate convenience while charging the device. All you need to do is to lay it in and it will be done and ready for use after a recharge. And the pen scores full marks on another front because you can use it super discreetly!

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KandyPens Amber Rose Vaporizer

The KandyPens Amber Rose Vaporizer is ideal for those who want style, substance and versatility, all rolled in a single vape pen. Coming from one of the leading brands, this vape pen features a stunning color scheme and a stylish case that are sure to get you attention for the right reasons. And you will surely love the Amber Rose logo on the case. Beyond its stylish looks, it is the device’s versatility that sets it apart. You can use it for both wax and oil concentrates. Plus, it is 510 threaded, which means that it is also capable of supporting prefilled CBD or THC cartridges. For oil extracts, you can use the Amber Rose Vape in two different ways. You can either fill the oil cartridge with yourself with an oil of choice or attach a pre-filled cartridge to the battery. Whichever way you do it, you can expect a top-tier performance. The device offers an equally amazing experience with a wax variant as well. As quartz is an inert material, it hardly affects the wax flavor. However, you need to pick an option according to your preference. If you want an intense vapor, the dual quartz coils will be the right choice. For a smoother, less intense experience, use the quartz bowl instead. Like the majority of vape pens from KandyPens, this one too is draw- activated and comes with a one-button operation. This makes it an easy to use device. Additionally, the quartz bowl is easier to load, which is the other reason why you would love it for its user-friendliness. If style and panache matter for you, then the KandyPens Amber Rose Vape Pen would just be your best bet. And the device will surely not disappoint you on the performance front too.

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KandyPens Elite Vaporizer

Another top-pick from the same brand is the KandyPens Elite Vaporizer, which gets you the premium KandyPens experience without digging a hole in your pocket. You will surely love to own this one because of its fabulous look and feel. Small, lightweight and discreet, it easily fits into your palm and can be carried and used anywhere. Each of the components of the Elite is accessible and can be dismantled with ease. In fact, this feature makes it a great deal more functional that you would expect from a device with a premium build. The pen comes with two different coils, a ceramic-lined one that features a ceramic plate heater at its bottom and one that is lined with quartz and has dual quartz rods. You can expect superb vapor production from the Elite, specifically if you use the quartz atomizer. You will love the smoothness and the intensive flavor of the vapor. The vapor is amazingly dense as well. There are four heat settings that you can choose amongst while using wax and concentrates. Using and refilling the device is easy too and you can easily handle it even as a beginner. The KandyPens Elite Vaporizer also excels in terms of battery life, which is pretty awesome in comparison to the others in the list. You can expect seamless usage of at least a day without having to charge it. Better still, you have the option of swapping the batteries if you do not want to charge and recharge repeatedly. An excellent pick if you want to own a premium brand at a price that surprises!

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Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer

Next on the list of the top-rated vape pens for wax and oil concentrates is the Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer, a device acclaimed for its design, performance and the vapor quality it delivers. Look-wise, the Hypnos Zero is nothing like the typical vape pens because it has a glass mouthpiece. Beyond just giving it a distinctive look, this feature also keeps the vapor pure and cool. The brushed stainless steel finish gives the device a stylish and upscale look along with the much-needed durability. At the same time, the four-inch size keeps things discreet. Speaking about performance, the Hypnos Zero heats up pretty quickly but never gets too hot to handle even after using it for a while. It also features an auto-shutoff function, though you may not like it because the whole unit shuts down instead of only the atomizer. So this can be like an interruption in your session. The vape pen has ceramic chambers which produce excellent flavors that you would definitely love. Combined with the pure and cool flavor that the glass mouthpiece delivers, you get a vapor quality beyond expectations. You also have the option to change the voltage settings to control the vapors. Fitted with a 650 mAh battery, the Hypnos Zero can easily last for about a day before it has to be recharged. A full recharge is completed between one and two hours, which makes it at par with the others in terms of battery performance. If you are looking for great vapor quality, ease of use, sleek and stylish looks and excellent performance, all without having to spend a fortune, the Hypnos Zero will just do the trick for you!

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Yocan Magneto Vaporizer

An excellent buy for the beginners, the Magneto features a distinctive look with its steel casing exposed at the mouthpiece, middle and bottom. What makes it really stand apart is the ease of use as it comes with a built-in dab tool that makes loading a simple job. This also means that you have one less accessory that you need to carry around, which makes a big difference for the newbies. You need not even worry about storing the wax because the Magneto has a storage container built into its base. Plus, all the pieces, except for the atomizer, use magnetic connections. What else could you ask for as a first-timer! From the performance perspective, this device heats up pretty fast, which is customary for the Yocan products. The Magneto comes with only one power setting, so things become uncomplicated in this context as well. This may, however, be a downside for the seasoned vapers as they may want to experiment more with the heat. The device has a built-in dab tool that might get the vaping experience to be a little complicated though you can probably manage with some practice. The best way to use it is with small loads rather than large ones. In terms of vapor quality, you can expect something average, chiefly because there is a lack of temperature control. The airflow is appreciable, though it can get clogged with subsequent use. The best thing about the Yocan Magneto Vaporizer is the superb battery potential it offers. With a capacity of 1100 mAh, the battery can run optimally for a few days if you use it for moderate vaping. This means that you need not recharge it every day even if you are a daily vaper.

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Source Orb XL V2 Vaporizer

The latest iteration of the XL unit, the Source Orb XL V2 Vaporizer comes ahead as a compact yet extremely powerful device. It features a solid stainless steel 303 design that makes it rugged enough to last a lifetime. Additionally, you get features such as adjustable airflow, full temperature control, and compatibility with more than twenty premium SOURCE atomizers. Despite its impressive features, the vaporizer is pretty simple to use and even the beginners can operate it with ease. The vape pen comes with a premium mouthpiece attachment, which is easy to use with its 510-threaded lid. All you need to do is to remove the lid and reveal the atomizer. You also get an adjustable airflow with five different settings that enable you to customize your draw resistance. The intuitive controls let you choose a temperature between 200°F and 700°F with precision so that you can experiment with different flavors and potency levels. While you can get smaller, flavor-rich draws at lower temps, the higher settings create dense rips. You can expect the biggest, lung-expanding clouds at 700°F. The device has three all-new concentrate atomizers, which include an innovative quad-coil that promises the most amazing vaping experiences ever. The other two are the Source core all-ceramic and Source Nail Max Atomizers. Each of these provides a unique, premium experience. Since the atomizers are made with quality materials including ceramic and metal, they produce the essential flavors from wax and concentrates. At the same time, they also produce large and dense hits.

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AirVape OM Vaporizer

Next on the list is the AirVape OM Vaporizer, a versatile and user-friendly device that offers top-notch vapor quality as well. The OM is compact and looks different from the typical vape pens. Additionally, it has some other unique attributes that make it stand apart. The base has some faux wood grain trim that adds visual interest to its look. Just 4.5 inches tall, this vape pen scores full marks when it comes to portability. Plus, there is a keyring on one end that makes it super-easy to carry around. With so much being said about the looks of the device, this is not the only reason why you would want to own it. Beyond the good looks, the OM aces on the performance front, even while you may be apprehensive about the same considering its small size. Though it cannot hold much wax or concentrate, it is still able manage a lot with little and delivers great performance every single time. While it comes with multiple heat settings, the middle one works the best if you want it to be neither too light nor too harsh. The performance is optimally good with pre-filled cartridges though it greatly depends on the quality of the cartridge you use. Besides portability and performance, the OM is also acclaimed for its versatility. Since the device is 510 threaded, you can use it with both CBD and THC cartridges. The battery capacity is just 350 mAh, so you cannot expect much in this front, particularly if you are habitual to the highest setting. However, you can get a day’s use if you run the vape pen judiciously on the lowest or middle setting. Overall, the OM is ideal for its good vapor quality and versatility and makes a great choice for both veterans and beginners.

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Roil Vaporizer

The Roil Vaporizer, a product of This Thing Rips, is a ceramic donut vape pen which is cross compatible with the other vapes from this brand. A part of the R series line, the Roil aims to deliver a smooth, tasty vapor with the ceramic plate atomizer (instead of the conventional coil technology) it uses. It has everything that you will need to have an ultimate vaping experience with wax and concentrates. It has a slim, portable design and you can carry it anywhere easily and discreetly, very much like the other vape pens from This Thing Rips. The ceramic coil-less technology coupled with a quad airflow system that the Roil uses gives plenty of vapors with every hit. You can be sure about not wasting any material with its low temperature ceramic ring. The chamber is capable of holding plenty of wax or oil and you can easily see what goes on the inside, even while you vape. Besides these features, the deep dish design allows you to add ample amount of wax or oil so that you need not refill it repeatedly. There are three temperature settings that give you total control. The settings are color coded which makes the easier to use. On the average, the Roil gives a 50% longer "rip-time" as compared to similar vape pens. The battery is 650mAh, which is more than sufficient for most users. There is also a quick charge USB slot that you can use for optimal reboots. The device is recommended for the beginners since mastering it takes practically no time and getting satisfying hits is even easier. There is a single button to control the whole device, which means that you are good to go as soon as you buy it!

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Vaporite Titanite Vaporizer

If you are looking for a high-tech experience with a pocketable vape pen, there cannot be a better choice than the Vaporite Titanite Vaporizer. The long and slim pen resembles an e-cig rather than a vaporizer. Half of its total length comprises the built-in water percolator, which is transparent in appearance. The battery is slim as well; when attached with the percolator, it gives the device a totally seamless look. The vape pen features a single button which obviously replicates its ease of use. You can expect a decent vapor production from the Titanite. The vapor is smooth and tasty vapor, which is really great considering that this device is a budget pick. The amazing flavor of the vapor is attributed to the water percolator, which is seldom found in the budget vape pens. Additionally, the glass wax chamber offers a pure and clean taste without any aftertastes. On the technology side, the Titanite stands apart because it can be synced with your smartphone via an app that you can use for monitoring its temperature, usage and battery life. The smartphone app, available for both, iOS or Android phones, undoubtedly makes the device easy to use. Besides being simple to operate, the Titanite is compatible with both wax and oil concentrates and still comes in budget. The device is equipped with a 900mAh battery, a size large enough to last a day of vaping. You can charge it by attaching the battery to a USB charger. On the downside, it cannot be used when plugged in. If you want a budget vape pen that has impressive features, you can choose this one without any doubts.

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Honey Dabber II

Effective, simple and convenient- these words are enough to sum up the Honey Dabber II, a product of Honey Labs. Fabricated from cherry wood, this straw serves as an ideal instrument to get the most amazing experiences from wax and oil concentrates. Using the straw is as easy as warming it up with a light or fire, dipping it in the wax or concentrate and enjoying the heavenly experience. And the most fabulous part about the Honey Dabber II is that it is made without using chemicals and glues. It is just cherry hardwood combined with CP2 Titanium and neodymium magnets! When it comes to vapor production, you can expect smoother, cooler vapor with the Honey Dabber II because the vapor way (on the titanium or glass straw) is five inches long. This gives it enough room to cool off. You can get good amount clouds with the titanium straw because it conducts heat better. With the glass straw, you get the best flavors because it removes the obnoxious scent from the vapor. The quartz warming tip also works well when it comes to extricating the basic kinds of concentrates and giving intense flavors. You can also switch between titanium or glass straws to experience different flavors. The Honey Dabber II is widely appreciated because you need not wait for its hot tip to be cooled down after use. This is because it comes with a removable wooden sleeve which safely covers the heating tip once you are done. If you love pure and chemical-free vaping experiences, get started with the Honey Dabber II right away! Now that you know all about the best vape pens for wax and oil concentrates that are going strong in the market, it will be easier to take a pick. Just consider your preferences, requirements and budget and you will surely be able to decide the perfect one.