Vaporite Titanite Vaporizer

(8 customer reviews)


Vaporite Titanite Vaporizer


For those who prefer percolation for their vaping sessions, Vaporite has come up with this stunning Titanite Vaporizer that includes a water percolator. Producing a smooth vapor, this vape pen is ultraportable. To add more features to the product, Vaporite has enhanced Titanite with Bluetooth technology, so that you can sync your device with your smartphone via a smart app. You can monitor usage, and battery life, and the temperature that you are operating it at.

(8 customer reviews)


A slim vape pen that you’ve always desired. Vaporite Titanite Vaporizer remains as slim as percolator as it is without it. So there’s no bulkiness to its design. You can easily take it along with you anywhere you go. The best part about the design is its percolator that enhances the flavors like no other vape pen. Priced at a reasonable budget-friendly price, titanite is pretty well built. Snug on the percolator perfectly to the battery and you can begin your vaping. The single button control is remarkably simple and easy to use. Compatible with both wax and concentrates you get the perfect combination of both worlds. This easy to use yet form-fitting vape pen is portable to be carried around anywhere and enjoy a tasty treat anytime on the go.

Equipped with 900 mAh battery, you have enough power to vape all day long without having to charge. The battery powers a single coil wicked atomizer that efficiently heats the material inside out, making the vapors more consistent and free of impurities. Compatible with both oil and wax, the wick does not interfere with the flavors, while the percolator removes all the impurities and heavy droplets of concentrates. Delivering you just the pure vapors for unmatched flavors.

Vaporite Titanite Vaporizer Features

  • Water Percolator
  • Slim and Sleek
  • 900 mAh Battery
  • Single Coil Wicked Atomizer
  • Compatible With Oil And Wax
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Lifetime Warranty

What’s in the Box?

  • 1x Vaporite Titanite Vaporizer
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x Water Percolator
  • 3x Single Coil Wicked Atomizers
  • 1x Wireless USB Charger

Vaporite Titanite Vaporizer Warranty Details

The Vaporite Titanite Vaporizer comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Please read the warranty claim policy carefully to learn more.

How To Use The Vaporite Titanite Vaporizer?

For your first use, you will need to charge the battery to its full capacity. Once the battery is charged, press the button with five clicks to turn it on. The LED lights flash to indicate the battery has turned on. Remove the clearomizer and invert it to fill in your desired material, wax or oil. Put back the clearomizer on the device. Press and hold the button while inhaling. Enjoy your vaping session.

Vaporite Titanite Vaporizer Specifications


1.5×3.75×6.5 in


0.35 lbs

Vaporizer Type


Vaporizer Compatibility

Wax, Oil


110 V

Battery Capacity

900 mAh



8 reviews for Vaporite Titanite Vaporizer

  1. Rodrick

    The water percolator makes it to the next level of vaping. Superb flavors.

  2. Mardo

    Smartphone sync is an impressive feature. To be honest, I bought this vape pen because of this feature only, in the first place.

  3. Ricky

    It looks more of an e-cigarette rather than a vape pen. I think this is more than just discreet designing.

  4. Anderson

    The components do not rattle while putting everything together. Great product for in-budget purchase.

  5. Hailey

    The vapors are not so dense or thick, but the flavors definitely make up for it. The wick helps draw more flavors I believe.

  6. Riley

    The battery is decent for all-day vaping sessions. Nice battery back-up.

  7. Nick

    I did not expect the single coil to be so powerful. Great! Tasty flavors, with efficient vaporization of concentrates.

  8. Jonathan

    At this price point, a water percolator and Bluetooth connectivity are pretty impossible. Truly amazing.

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