Best Desktop Vaporizers

If you are a vaping enthusiast who wants to experience the best vapor on the go, a portable vaporizer will be right for you. On the other hand, a desktop device would make a perfect choice if you prefer to vape at home. Though desktop models will be larger in size for obvious reasons, they score over the portable ones from the efficiency, performance and reliability perspectives. 


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Additionally, you can expect denser vapor, better flavor and greater efficiency from a plug-in desktop. And you will be surprised to know that most of them use full convection technology. Choosing a desktop unit, like portable ones, requires great deal of consideration in terms of factors to be borne in mind. We have a list of best desktop vaporizers on the basis of parameters such as performance, vapor quality, size and price. Here is the list for you.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

If you are looking for an awesome combination of quality and performance, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer would be a perfect one for you. To start with, it is a great-looking piece that is available in a range of colors. Amazingly, you have the option to customize the base color and the main shaft to give it the look you want. Set on a flat base, the vaporizer comes at an angle which gives it a distinctive look and makes it stand apart.  Besides having impressive looks, the product is versatile because you can use it for herb, oil and waxes. You also get a free hemp-carrying bag with the model. 

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Beyond the looks, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer deserves to be in this list because of the fabulous performance it offers. The ceramic heating element provides for even heating and prevents the combustion of the herb. What’s more, it gives you a superb draw that is clear of toxins. At the same time, the glass-on-glass design works well for delivering pure and great-tasting flavors for every single session. The unit has adjustable vaping temperature that you can customize according to your inhale speed and the herbal blend. You just need to find the best heat setting and you get nice potent vapor that matches your preference. 

The Silver Surfer has a decent heating speed too, somewhere around 3-5 minutes. Plus, the learning curve is small and you can use it well enough with little practice. The whips can get dirty after each session because of build-up of herbs and oil. However, you can easily clean it with rubbing alcohol and you are all set to go again. Overall, a great product which offers value for money because each unit is hand tested to yield perfect performance and pure flavor! 

Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

A revolutionary product, the Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer uses induction heating instead of the conventional technologies used in desktop devices. The induction technology provides lightning fast heat-up times, which means that you get instant gratification with this powerful desktop model. Further, it offers a combination of dry herb vaping with dabbing, making it a totally unique product. The unit comes with a fully functional dab rig which has an option for flower.

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The Switch is considerably larger than the other vaporizers in the list but you cannot call it unwieldy. The device is easy to grip and use, so you need not worry much. There are various heating and lighting modes that you can control with a few buttons and lights. The model has an impressive list of advanced features, with as many as 25 different power settings. It just needs three seconds to heat up on lower settings and twelve seconds on the higher ones. The basic functionalities are easy to understand and you need not struggle much to learn how to use the Switch. The vapor quality it delivers is equally awesome.

One big reason why the Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer deserves to be on this list is its lasting battery. The unit comes with a powerful internal battery that you can trust for providing hours of vaping time at a stretch, without any interruptions. In fact, you can reach 150 dabs without having to recharge the unit. The pass-through charging feature enables you to use it even during charging. The price may have you worried for once but you will definitely not be disappointed if you pick this one! 

Volcano Classic Vaporizer

The Volcano, a product by Storz and Bickel, has been around for years but continues to be acclaimed for several reasons. Right from its solid build to ease of use and top vapor quality, this one excels on every front you can think of. Consistent, quality results are what you can expect from the Volcano Classic year after year. By build, this one is a balloon-style vaporizer. The base unit acts like a fan that blows hot air over the herb to vaporize it. The vapor collects inside the bag attached on the top. Once the bag is full, you can detach it simply sip the vapor from the mouthpiece.

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The Volcano Classic utilizes the Easy Valve system which is as easy as it sounds. All you need to do is to buy new bags which come pre-made with custom mouthpieces. The cleaning of Easy Valve is hassle-free as well, which means that you need to do very little. You also have the option of the Solid Valve system which is made of high-quality stainless steel and heat-resistant plastic. However, it is not as easy to clean and maintenance-free as the Easy Valve system is. 

The vapor quality of the Volcano Classic is top-shelf. It has been acclaimed right from the time when it hit the markets and other products are still struggling to beat the performance of this device. Besides the Classic version, you can also lay your hands on the Volcano Digital, which features a digital temperature display along with big temperature control buttons that enable you to adjust the temperature easily. If track record really matters to you, the Volcano Classic is your best bet.

Plenty Vaporizer

Another product by Storz and Bickel, the Plenty comes ahead as the compact version of the Volcano. Though it looks pretty different from the Classic, the performance is comparable. In fact, the Plenty is widely appreciated as a vaporizer that delivers strong and dense vapor for those who like it that way. The experience it provides is pretty close to smoking because it is super-strong yet has extremely low draw resistance. At the same time, the triple helix design keeps the design cool. The performance is super-impressive as well. Surely, this is a device that is perfect for nice, strong sessions!

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Beyond the great performance it offers, the Plenty deserves applause for exceptional vapor quality as well. The vapor is smooth and comfortable in addition to being strong and potent. The flavor is loud and clear because the metal coil cools the vapor efficiently. The Plenty needs less than three minutes to be ready for use and you have seven heat settings that you can choose according to your preference. There is a wheel on the side to adjust the heat setting. Another great feature of the device is auto-shut which means that it turns off the heat itself once it reaches the target temperature. 

Being the least expensive vaporizer from the brand, the Plenty makes a great pick for anyone who wants to try a Storz & Bickel product without having to spend a fortune. Despite its price, it boasts of the high quality construction and excellent materials that the brand is so well known for. The device scores full marks for durability and consistency as well. And you can just plug it into the wall so there is no need to charge any batteries to run it.

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

Arizer, the brand acclaimed for its portable variants the Air and the Solo, replicates high-quality and performance in the desktop technology with the Extreme Q. The device comes ahead as one of the best sellers in the desktop category because it delivers quality offerings at an affordable price. The Arizer Extreme Q has been constantly upgraded through its cost today stands at half of the original when it was first released in the market. This device has everything that you look for in a desktop model and delivers excellent performance for the price. 

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A combo vaporizer, this one is compatible with a whip and with a balloon, which makes it a versatile model. You have the options of using the whip for direct draw or bags that can be filled with vapor. Also, you can use the fan assist mode that comes with multiple settings. What’s more, the Extreme Q has a remote control that lets you warm it up from anywhere in the room. This is an amazing feature for a vaporizer considering the price of the model. Beyond the awesome features, the Q delivers a fabulous vapor quality as well. A combination of the ceramic heating element and a glass cover yields the best taste. And you can get thick vapor once you master the technique of using the device.

When it comes to the ease of use, this one emerges as a winner once again. Even beginners can use it to get excellent results right away. There is a digital temperature display and buttons that you can utilize to adjust the temperatures easily. And the lazy ones can always operate it with the remote control option. The numerous delivery and temperature options make it perfect for experimentation and you can keep changing the way you use it. If you are looking for great vapor quality that fits into budget, the Q has you sorted out. 

Volcano Digital Vaporizer

Next on the list comes the Volcano Digital Vaporizer, the digital version of the Volcano Classic. It is advanced, easy to use and efficient like the Classic, just all the more because of the digital display and controls. The Volcano is a top-rated Storz & Bickel product and is backed by years of research and testing that makes it one of the best vaporizers in the market till date. Moreover, it is simple to use and practically error-proof. You can trust the 100-watt convection heater for making it literally impossible to combust the herbs. Plus, it uses a large aluminum heat exchanger that ensures a constant temperature all through the vaporization session.  

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The Volcano Digital is fitted with digital temperature control that enables high precision and flexibility along with a range of 104° F – 446° F. There is an LED display which can be used to read the current temperature and set it as well. It lets you set the temperature with pinpoint accuracy so that you may achieve the perfect density and thickness of vapor according to your choice. There are also the same Easy Valve and Solid Valve systems that the Classic version has. Also, there is the same intense and flavorful vapor that you would surely appreciate.

When it comes to usability, the Volcano Digital hits the bull’s eye. The unit takes five minutes to heat up while filling up a single balloon required approximately 30 seconds. The LED dual-temp display and the large buttons let you get the device going with minimal efforts. Cleaning and maintenance are super easy too. The auto shut-off feature makes the device safe because it will shut off automatically if not used for 30 minutes at a stretch. Overall, this is a model that will last for ages and keep delivering great vaping experiences year after year.

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

Another Arizer product on the list is the V-Tower that blends a simple, functional, and time-tested design with excellent features. This convection-based desktop model uses the cyclone bowl system to facilitate consistent vaporization. The ceramic heating element comes with a lifetime warranty which makes it an incredible deal for anyone. Plus, you get full digital temperature control that renders a superb ease of use. The V-Tower is a great pick for vape lovers who want excellent vapor at an optimal price.  And you can be really sure about this one because it comes from one of the top-rated brands.

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

On the vapor quality front, there is nothing that can beat the V-Tower. It’s ceramic and glass heater, coupled with the included whip, guarantees great taste every single time you use it. With practice, you can train yourself to balance the temperature with the draw speed and get vapor of the desired thickness. The vapor is cool and flavorful but you need not break your bank for owning the V-Tower. The best thing is that the device is as good for novices as it is for the seasoned users, both from the price and ease of use perspectives. 

Another fact that is worth mentioning about the V-Tower is that it comes with an auto-shut feature that brings it at par with the expensive variants. Also, it has a fast warm up time and offers custom session settings as well. The user-friendly controls give you great experience and cleaning the device is completely hassle-free. With all the incredible features it has, the V-Tower surely is a great buy for its price!

So this was the list of best desktop vaporizers in 2019. Compare them on the basis of your budget, needs and expectations and pick the one that matches them all.